Hygiene Supplies


Coastal Cleaning offers a vast range of washroom products to suit your needs, from luxury soap and paper products to automatic air fresheners and soap dispensers. All are available to meet clients’ specifications of size, colour and quality.

These days, people have come to expect the same level of cleanliness in public washrooms as they do in their own bathrooms at home – perhaps even more so.

For any busy organisation, no matter how large or small, operating pressures can often push washroom hygiene management way down the list of priorities.

That’s where Coastal Cleaning comes in.

Washroom supplies, equipment and services are our business and whilst perhaps a low priority for you, they are top of our list.

We work hard to ensure that washroom standards are the highest they can possibly be. We offer a vast range of products including luxury toilet tissue, paper towels, air fresheners, soap dispensers (hands free and manual), paper towel dispensers, and luxury or standard soap. The list goes on and on….we even have seven types of toilet tissue!

We will be only too pleased to have a chat with you to discuss your requirements.